At Amazon, we combine data and science with passion and invention. We set big goals and work backwards to achieve them. We apply that same tenacity to how we address some of the world’s biggest environmental and societal challenges, striving to make every day better for our customers, employees, communities, and planet.
Download our 2023 Sustainability Report, which details our progress on environmental, social, and governance topics.
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We use our scale and culture of innovation to help create a more sustainable future for all, with a focus on five impact areas: Driving Climate Solutions, Reducing Packaging and Waste, Protecting Natural Resources, Advancing Human Rights, and Innovating Products and Services.
Our Progress
More than 500 companies have joined Amazon in signing The Climate Pledge
Avoided more than 3 million metric tons of packaging material in the U.S., Canada, and the EU since 2015
$53 million committed to accelerate female representation in climate tech in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
100% of electricity consumed by Amazon in 2023 was matched with renewable energy sources
3.9 billion liters of water are returned to communities each year from water replenishment projects completed or underway
More than 1.4 million products recognized by certifications in our Climate Pledge Friendly program available to customers for purchase as of 2023
We continuously seek new and better ways to serve our customers with a larger selection of more-sustainable products. We’re also optimizing product design and providing our customers with opportunities to repair, resell, recycle, and repurpose their products. When it comes to packaging, we want to use materials that are easily recyclable.
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2023 Sustainability Report
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