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Sustainable Shopping Customers
Sustainable Shopping Customers
Sustainable Shopping Customers
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By the Numbers
Boxes avoided with Amazon Day delivery in 2023 by giving Prime members the ability to choose a designated day of the week to receive their orders
Products recognized by certifications in our Climate Pledge Friendly program available to customers for purchase
Devices traded in by customers in 2023
Discover and Shop for More Sustainable Products

Our Climate Pledge Friendly program helps customers in the U.S. and Europe discover and shop for more-sustainable products. In 2023, our customers continued to embrace this program, purchasing 1.16 billion items recognized by certifications in the Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Climate Pledge Friendly Logo with white background and green text

The Climate Pledge Friendly program recognizes products with improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability. We partnered with trusted third-party certifications and created our own certifications, Compact by Design and Pre-owned Certified, to highlight products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world.

Other Ways to Shop More Sustainably
In addition to offering customers the convenience of picking their own delivery day, this option allows Amazon more time to find an optimal delivery route which usually leads to fewer deliveries. It also helps reduce the number of boxes used for shipping.
Amazon Aware is a line of everyday essentials that are are certified as carbon neutral and feature certifications in the Climate Pledge Friendly program.
Keep quality products in use for longer by shopping for pre-owned and refurbished electronics and home goods sold at a discount.
We’re working to make Amazon devices more sustainable—from how we build them to how customers use them. Many of our devices feature recycled materials, durable design, and energy efficiency features, packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

We’re making it easier for customers in the U.S. to understand their home energy use with the Alexa energy dashboard. The dashboard tracks the estimated usage of select Alexa-connected devices that tend to have the biggest impact on their home’s energy usage, like thermostats and water heaters. Customers can also enable Alexa to help them conserve energy with Hunches. For example, if Alexa has a Hunch that a customer is away and forgot to turn off a light, Alexa can automatically turn it off, helping customers save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
Donate or Trade-In Pre-Loved Items
The Give Back Box program allows customers to recycle packaging and used items by donating them directly to charities. Customers can simply fill a box with items they no longer want or need, print out a free shipping label, and drop it off at a local UPS or USPS office. We will then pick up the box and donate the items to charity, making it easier than ever to give back.
With the Amazon Trade-In program, we extend the lifetime of used devices. Customers can trade in Kindle e-readers, Echo smart speakers, Ring security cameras, Fire Tablets, and other electronics. For every valid trade-in, customers will receive an Amazon gift card based on the value of the trade-in and, if eligible, a discount of up to 20% on the latest Amazon devices.
Recycle Amazon Packaging

We’re innovating the materials we use in our packaging so customers can easily recycle it through curbside recycling programs. For example, our paper padded mailer is a flexible packaging option that offers the same recyclability benefits as corrugated boxes, while taking up less space in transit and in the recycling bin.

Learn more about how to recycle Amazon packaging through Amazon Second Chance.

Packaging Innovation
The paper padded mailer is made of four layers of paper and a water-based cushioning material. It was designed to easily separate in the same way that print inks and other paper coatings are removed during the paper recycling process.

The Cloud
Many of our AWS customers have asked us to help measure the carbon footprint of their AWS workloads—both to understand how moving to AWS reduces their carbon footprints and to report their overall footprints.

Our customer carbon footprint tool uses simple visualizations to show customers their historical carbon emissions, estimate emissions avoided by using AWS instead of an on-premises data center, and review forecast emissions based on their current use.
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