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We believe all employees should have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow, and build their careers as they develop their professional journeys. Some employees focus on skills that benefit their work at Amazon, and some focus on skills that benefit their long-term career aspirations.

A woman in a blue T-shirt holds a framed craft project depicting a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a flower
A woman in a blue T-shirt holds a framed craft project depicting a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a flower
A woman in a blue T-shirt holds a framed craft project depicting a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a flower
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2021 Highlights
Investment to upskill more than 300,000 of our own employees by 2025
Employees have participated in Career Choice
On-site classrooms inside our fulfillment centers
Helping Our Employees Level Up

We want every employee to pursue their passion and goals. Upskilling programs help employees gain in-demand skill sets and propel them into new careers.

An employee in a safety vest holds an Amazon box
Upskilling Programs
More than 70,000 employees have participated in one of these programs since we launched our Upskilling 2025 pledge in 2019.

Through Upskilling 2025, we’re creating pathways to careers in fields that will continue growing in the years to come.

Through this commitment, we offer different skills training and education programs, including apprenticeship programs to help participants take the first steps in their careers. In 2021, we added three new programs to our portfolio, for a total of nine company-funded training options.

Learn more about the range of programs we offer in our Upskilling 2025 Report.

Subsidizing Tuition Fees Through Career Choice

For many people aspiring to grow professionally, education may be the first stepping stone—and yet it can be challenging to find the flexibility or resources to do so while working.

A person uses aerospace engineering tools to work on a project.

Thanks to Amazon Career Choice, our prepaid tuition program, thousands of hourly employees in 14 countries are earning certificates and degrees. As of early 2022, courses available through Career Choice include those that employees can take to pursue an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in fields ranging from information technology to computer science, and from health care to transportation. In addition, our Career Choice program also supports employees pursuing high school completion, General Education Diplomas (GEDs), and English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency certifications.

To make training even more accessible and reduce the need to commute to classes, we’ve built more than 140 on-site classrooms, enabling employees to take college and technical classes inside our fulfillment centers.

There are very few companies out there that are willing to invest in new people in this manner… This program opens the door for people to get paid to learn and figure out if they enjoy a field. And if they do really well, they’ll have a job.
Melfi Perez
Amazon Technical Apprenticeship
There is a rising demand for health workers, offering a new opportunity for more people, like Ernesto Regis. Ernesto was working in a fulfillment center in Florida when his supervisor introduced him to Amazon Career Choice. Shortly after completing a medical assistant’s course through Career Choice, Ernesto was offered a job as a medical assistant. Today, Ernesto is continuing his journey in the health care field.

“I am now working as a phlebotomist and medical assistant. But I am not done yet,” he said. “I’ve enrolled in nursing and I’m taking classes to become a registered nurse. Amazon supported and financed a better future for me. Even though that future didn’t include them.”

Ernesto Regis
Medical Assistant and Former Amazon Fulfillment Center Employee
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