We depend on the people who support our entire value chain and are committed to ensuring our employees, workers, and communities are treated with dignity and respect each and every day. We know we have more to do, and we’re committed to continuously widening our lens to better understand the potential human rights impacts of our business.

A smiling monk leans on Amazon box
A smiling monk leans on Amazon box
A smiling monk leans on Amazon box
Our Societal Commitments
our progress
2021 Highlights
Percentage of women in Amazon’s global workforce (all levels)
Increase in the number of Black directors and vice presidents
Employee participants in Amazon affinity groups
Average starting hourly wage for U.S. fulfillment and transportation roles
Investments in safety, including capital improvements and new technology
Investment as part of the Upskilling 2025 pledge
Investment through the Amazon Housing Equity Fund to support affordable housing
COVID-19-related costs incurred since the start of the pandemic to help keep employees safe while delivering for our customers
Commitment through the Black Business Accelerator to empower Black entrepreneurs
Workers eat a cafeteria table. Two smile at the camera.
As part of our mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we’re committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers, and communities, including the people that support our entire value chain.
Diversity exists when you go above and beyond being aware of differences or accepting differences, to actively including people who are different from you and inviting them to influence.
Renita Clarke
Area Manager, Global Specialty Facilities, Amazon
Partnerships help enhance our impact and support sustainability efforts beyond Amazon. We collaborate with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative industry partners around the world who share our vision.
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