Social responsibility
Amazon is strongly committed to conducting our business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers who respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive workplaces, and promote a sustainable future.
Amazon Sustainability social responsibility illustration
Amazon Sustainability social responsibility illustration

Amazon social responsibility

About our supply chain
Our mission is for our products to be made in a way that respects human rights and the environment. Our global teams work closely with suppliers to communicate our standards, and help suppliers build their capacity to provide safe and respectful working environments.
Our Supply Chain
Learn more about our global supply chain.
The facilities listed produce Amazon-branded apparel, consumer electronics, and home goods products. This list was last updated November 2019 and is subject to change; updates will be provided periodically. Click here to access a PDF list of our suppliers.
Key commitments
We are committed to assessing our impact and focusing our efforts in these key areas.
  • Safe workplaces
    Workers are entitled to safe and healthy workplaces.
  • Freely chosen employment
    All work should be voluntary; no worker should have to pay for a job.
  • Empowering women
    Quality jobs for women translate to positive impacts for communities.
  • Fair wages
    Wages should meet workers’ basic needs.
  • Environmental protection
    Safeguarding the environment protects workers and their communities.
The complex, persistent challenges in working conditions cannot be solved alone; improving supply chains requires collaboration. We are members of, or work closely with, these groups and initiatives.
  • amfori
  • BSR
  • Responsible Business Alliance
  • Sedex
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Latest news
See how we put our scale and inventive culture to work on building a sustainable future.