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Delivering Shipment Zero

Delivering Shipment Zero

Shipment Zero is our goal to deliver 50% of Amazon shipments with net-zero carbon by 2030. Achieving Shipment Zero means that the fulfillment operations we undertake to deliver customer shipments are net-zero carbon—from the fulfillment center where an item is picked off the shelf, to the materials used to package the item, and the mode of transportation that gets the package to the customer’s door.

Shipment Zero starts with our world-class fulfillment facilities where we stock items, process orders, and prepare shipments for delivery to customers. A Shipment Zero order will travel through facilities powered by 100% clean energy from wind and solar projects that are dedicated to serving Amazon’s electricity needs. As of June 2021, more than 90 of our fulfillment facilities are powered by on-site rooftop solar installations, which generate as much as 80% of a single facility’s annual energy needs. We are also working to optimize energy use from building operations, using innovative robotics and conveyance systems to minimize the energy needed to move shipments throughout our facilities.
A Shipment Zero order will ship without added Amazon packaging or in carbon neutral packaging. Thousands of products already qualify for delivery without additional Amazon boxes or packing materials through our Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) programs, which incentivize manufacturers to develop more sustainable packaging solutions for online fulfillment. We are also developing new ways to deliver customer orders packaging-free. In more than 100 cities across India, for example, Amazon orders ship in their original packaging and are transported in protective containers that delivery drivers can reuse.
A Shipment Zero order will be transported in an electric delivery vehicle, or by a delivery associate on foot or on a bicycle. We are adopting electric and alternative delivery solutions across our network, and have made major investments in vehicle electrification, from the delivery vehicles themselves, to the charging infrastructure that powers the vehicles, to the renewable energy projects that produce clean energy. In 2020, we delivered more than 20 million packages using electric vehicles to customers across North America and Europe. We also leverage innovative technology to maximize efficiency on the road and reduce delivery distances by placing delivery stations close to large Amazon customer populations.
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