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The Climate Pledge Fund
The Climate Pledge logo against a city backdrop
The Climate Pledge logo against a city backdrop

The Climate Pledge Fund

The Climate Pledge Fund is a corporate venture capital fund that invests in companies that can accelerate Amazon’s path to meeting The Climate Pledge.
Sector Focus
The Climate Pledge Fund invests in companies across multiple industry sectors with an initial focus on:
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy Generation, Storage, and Utilization
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Manufacturing and Materials
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
Climate Pledge Fund Investments
Amazon launched The Climate Pledge Fund in 2020 to support the development of sustainable and decarbonizing technologies and services. This dedicated investment program—with an initial $2 billion in funding—invests in visionary companies whose products and solutions will facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Since launching The Climate Pledge Fund in 2020, Amazon has made investments in the following companies:
  • BETA Technologies
    BETA Technologies is an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) company that is building electric aircraft that can be used in cargo and logistics. Their first aircraft, the ALIA, is capable of flying cargo and logistics missions. Amazon is investing in a variety of companies that can advance our path to zero-emissions package delivery. Read More
  • CarbonCure Technologies
    CarbonCure Technologies has commercialized lower carbon concrete. CarbonCure’s process works by injecting recycled carbon dioxide into fresh concrete during mixing, permanently sequestering carbon dioxide and enabling the reduction of cement content in mixes without impacting concrete performance. Amazon is working to lower the embodied carbon footprint of our buildings by using CarbonCure concrete in new construction, including in Amazon’s second headquarters in Virginia. Read More
  • Infinium
    Infinium is a renewable electrofuels solution provider that converts carbon dioxide and hydrogen feedstocks into net-zero carbon fuels for use in today’s air transport, marine freight, and heavy truck fleets. Infinium electrofuels enables organizations to meet their carbon reduction goals by accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels. Amazon is investing in Infinium to support decarbonization efforts in the transportation sector. Read More
  • Ion Energy
    Ion Energy is a software developer based in Mumbai and Paris that provides advanced battery management solutions to owners and operators of battery fleets used in stationary and mobile applications. Ion Energy’s software and modeling tools provide a look into the state of life of those batteries, and improve the way batteries are charged and drained for maximum value. Amazon operates batteries across our operations and we believe energy storage will play an important role in achieving net-zero carbon.
  • Pachama
    Pachama is a climate technology company that is democratizing access to nature-based carbon markets. Pachama’s technology harnesses satellite imaging with artificial intelligence to verify the impact of carbon capture in nature-based offset projects around the world. Amazon is investing in Pachama to expand the use of nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration. Read More
  • Redwood Materials
    Redwood Materials is commercializing a full process and suite of technologies for recycling end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and e-waste into high value metals and chemicals. With Amazon’s commitment to electric delivery and electrification infrastructure, Redwood Materials has the potential to help Amazon properly recycle electric vehicle batteries and reuse their components. Redwood Materials can also help recycle the lithium batteries and e-waste from other parts of Amazon’s businesses. Read More
  • Rivian
    Rivian is an electric vehicle maker and automotive technology company that develops and produces vehicles, products, and services related to sustainable transportation. Amazon ordered 100,000 custom electric vehicles from Rivian in 2019, and has since participated in the company’s latest rounds of investment. With the proceeds from these investments, Rivian is further developing and integrating its connected electric platform with Amazon’s last mile delivery network. Read More
  • Turntide Technologies
    Turntide Technologies develops efficient motor technologies that reduce the energy consumed by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in buildings. Amazon is piloting Turntide’s motors in a number of our buildings, significantly reducing electricity usage. Read More
  • ZeroAvia
    ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on developing hydrogen-electric aviation solutions that will progressively enable turbo-propeller aircraft to transport passenger or cargo payloads with zero carbon emissions. Amazon is investing in ZeroAvia to support decarbonization efforts in the transportation sector. Read More
“The Climate Pledge Fund is another important example of how the collaborative effort of The Climate Pledge can accelerate the transition to a net-zero world.”
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Christiana Figueres
Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Founding Partner of Global Optimism
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