Sustainability Ambassadors

Sustainability Ambassadors are sustainability-minded Amazon employees who work to amplify global, companywide efforts at the local level. Ambassadors lead projects on Amazon campuses and create virtual engagement opportunities to inspire fellow employees, both at work and at home. The program also serves as a community for sharing best practices among teams in different settings and locations.

Two people in Sustainability t-shirts pack boxes
Two people in Sustainability t-shirts pack boxes
Two people in Sustainability t-shirts pack boxes
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Our Progress
2021 Highlights
Global locations where Sustainability Ambassadors work
Employee participants in the program, an increase from 7,500 participants in 2020
Driving Local Impact, Globally

Since launching in 2018, the Sustainability Ambassador program has transformed into a collaborative network across 1,250 global locations.

In 2021, we launched new chapters in India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond.

Ambassadors who work at physical sites, like fulfillment centers, focus on opportunities to engage fellow employees through on-site initiatives. Ambassadors in our corporate offices are focused on sustainability initiatives that can be done virtually in any setting.

Ambassadors in Singapore led a tree-planting event to support the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
In Tennessee, U.S., more than 35 Ambassadors hosted an event at a nearby middle school and planted 44 trees that will help sequester carbon and divert stormwater at the school campus.
In 2021, Ambassadors at a facility in Wisconsin, U.S., partnered with a local waste vendor to install recycling stations for employees to deposit used electronics.
In Italy, an Ambassador spearheaded an effort to include sustainability information in new hire orientation programming for thousands of new Amazon employees.
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Amazon Sustainability Summit
For the second year in a row, Sustainability Ambassadors led Amazon’s Sustainability Summit, a virtual educational event available to all employees to learn more about our corporate sustainability programs and partnerships.

The event drew 13,000 registrations across 23 virtual sessions in 2021 and featured speakers from Amazon’s sustainability leadership team, Sustainability Ambassador chapters, and signatories of The Climate Pledge.

The summit also featured our second crowdsourcing challenge for Amazon employees to present innovative ideas on sustainability, which received 89 submissions.
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Making Collective Impact
In 2021, 5,600 Ambassadors across the globe participated in the Four-Week Sustainability Challenge, picking up litter or eating plant-based foods, among other everyday actions that help promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

As part of the challenge, a group of participants in Europe collected more than 2,500 pieces of plastic waste in just 15 days.
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