How we enable sustainability for customers

Amazon has set ambitious goals to make our business more sustainable on behalf of customers. Part of our commitment to both sustainability and customers includes making it easier for everyone to participate in making a positive impact on the planet and society. If you want to join us in supporting local communities and reducing your environmental footprint, here are a few easy ways to get started.

Reducing, reusing, and recycling

  • Visit the Amazon Trade-In store to learn how to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items including Amazon Devices, books, video games, and more.
  • Visit Amazon Device Recycling to find out how to cut back on clutter and recycle your electronic items, ensuring they are disposed of properly.
  • Find open-box, pre-owned and refurbished products at a great price with Amazon Renewed, discounted deals on quality used products from Amazon Warehouse, and certified refurbished Amazon Devices.
  • Find out how to recycle your Amazon packaging by checking out the Amazon Second Chance site.
  • If you have an Echo device, Alexa Skills can help you find local recycling centers for specific items like lightbulbs and batteries. You can say “Alexa, open Recycling Center” to search for local options. Alexa is constantly adding new skills and improving on existing ones. The more people use them, the better they get over time.

Saving energy and water

  • Install a smart thermostat through Amazon Home Services. You can see if a certified provider is available in your area by checking here. Smart home thermostats can help reduce heating and cooling energy use by adjusting the temperature by a few degrees depending on the time of day and whether or not anyone is home.
  • Amazon Home Services professionals can help keep your home appliances in good working condition. They can take care of heating furnace and water heater maintenance or install a low-flow showerhead for you.
  • To reduce home electricity and water use at home, search for LED lights, or in the U.S., ENERGY STAR, EPEAT, or WaterSense-certified products on
  • Reduce the carbon emissions of your travel. You can use your Echo device to find the closest bikeshare rental by saying “Alexa, open TransportMe”. Another Alexa skill, Evie Assistant, will help you find the location of the nearest electric vehicle charging station (say “Alexa, open Evie Assistant”). And you can even get an electric vehicle charging station installed at your house using Amazon Home Services’ network of installation professionals.
  • Echo devices can also make it easier to save energy or water at home. You can use Alexa-enabled LEDs and smart plugs to turn off plugged appliances and devices when you aren’t using them. Alexa skills can also make it fun and easy to save energy. For example, you can say “Alexa, open Shower Buddy” to time your showers and use less water, or say “Alexa, open Cool My House” to reduce energy consumption.

Supporting charitable organizations and small businesses

  • Shop with AmazonSmile and choose from over a million charities to support. AmazonSmile has donated more than $100 million to charities thanks to customers shopping at
  • Purchase items for a charity by searching AmazonSmile Charity Lists for that charity’s registry. Amazon customers have donated more than 600,000 relief items through Charity Lists.
  • Donate directly to charities through your Echo device using your Amazon Pay account by saying “Alexa, make a donation.”
  • Support artisans and women entrepreneurs. In Europe and North America, Amazon Handmade offers handcrafted artisan goods from around the world. In India, Amazon Saheli offers a wide selection of unique regional products by women entrepreneurs across clothing, accessories, office, home, and kitchen.
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