Workplace Health & Safety
A man wearing gloves, a mask, and a safety vest carries a small box.
A man wearing gloves, a mask, and a safety vest carries a small box.

Workplace Health and Safety

Safety is a top priority throughout our fulfillment operations and on the roads in communities where we operate. Our vision is to synthesize leading health and safety expertise with Amazon’s tech capabilities and relentless innovation to create new industry benchmarks for the health and safety of our employees.
Keeping Our People and Partners Safe
  • 5,000
    Safety Professionals
    We employ one of the largest health and safety organizations on the planet, with approximately 5,000 people worldwide focused on safety.
  • 1 Million
    Hours of Safety Training
    Above all, safety at Amazon is about our people and partners. In 2019, we provided more than 1 million hours of safety training to employees.
Leaders in our facilities set the example for the highest safety standards. From coaching and ergonomic training to ensuring processes and equipment in work areas are safely operated, leaders proactively verify and validate that safety protocols are followed. The industry-leading safety technology we use every day is designed to protect and promote our employees’ health, and we consistently test and refine processes to improve working conditions in our facilities.

Safety, however, is the responsibility of each and every person working at Amazon. In Amazon’s dynamic, positive safety culture, every team is engaged and encouraged to look out for one another.
Safety Investments and Technology
Safety Leadership Index (SLI)
Safety Leadership Index (SLI)
Amazon employees across the world are routinely surveyed through our innovative Connections program. Employees are asked the same series of questions each month, and those answers are used to measure employees’ perception of safety at each of our facilities. An example of the kinds of questions which are asked include, “Does your manager care about the safety of you and your team?”

Amazon employees have provided thousands of safety ideas, concerns, and suggestions since the program started, and Amazon has implemented more than 600 changes as a result of these responses. Last year, thanks to SLI feedback, we made personal safety equipment more easily available through free vending machines placed in fulfillment centers in several U.S. locations. Thanks to this improvement, employees can now get new equipment any time they want, which enhances safety for everyone.
Over the past two years, we’ve developed WorkingWell, a program that uses academic research and certified athletic trainers to educate employees and leaders about health and wellness. WorkingWell is a training and conditioning program designed for new hires and tenured employees, which includes a new hire ramp-up schedule aimed at preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). It also includes a two-week classroom course about proper body movements, health, and wellness, as well as routine safety training engagements.
Mind and Body Moments
Mind and Body Moments
Piloted in 2019, this new program employs 30-second, guided physical and mental exercises, offered directly at an employee’s workstation. The intent of these “moments” is to help reduce muscle fatigue and stress, thereby promoting wellness and mitigating injury risks. Employees at pilot sites have reported statistically significant reductions in discomfort. We’ve seen a nearly 13% improvement in employees who report no discomfort at all during their workday. We will continue to evaluate expansion of this program to other site types and countries, targeting the rest of North American and European facilities with expanded language offerings.
Safety Capital Investments
Safety Capital Investments
Our facilities are purposefully designed to incorporate innovative technologies that enhance safety and improve efficiency. We don’t stop there. In 2020, we are making a substantial investment in the safety of our people and facilities, with $296 million earmarked for safety-related programs in the U.S. alone.

As examples of past investments, in 2019, we invested $14 million to further improve the safety of employee parking lots at our facilities; $9 million to retrofit pallet racking with state-of-the art equipment; and $1.6 million on pedestrian safety controls in some of our specialized distribution centers.
Powered Industrial Truck Technology
Powered Industrial Truck Technology
Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) are an important part of any warehousing operation. Our goal of eliminating PIT incidents can only be met if we take a leadership role in innovating in this industry and developing technologies not currently available in the market. We are partnering with vendors and investing $66.5 million to pilot PIT units that incorporate real time location systems (RTLS) and light detection and ranging technology (LiDAR).

Additionally, we are augmenting telemetry controls on PITs we already own, which allows us to better monitor and control speeds in congested areas, implement access control, and ensure only certified operators are able to activate PITs.
Amazon’s new tech for warehouse safety
Robotic Tech Vest
Several reports of near misses at our robotic sites, involving objects inadvertently falling into the path of drive units, led us to invest $9.8 million into engineering controls that could significantly reduce these types of risk. These controls were implemented before any human injury occurred, which speaks to how seriously we take near misses and how we’re constantly looking to improve safety. One example of such investment is the Robotic Tech Vests worn by employees at Amazon Robotics facilities, which allow robotic drive units to detect employees and plan alternative travel paths to avoid interactions.
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