Amazon E-Scooter und E-Vito E-Cars
Amazon E-Scooter und E-Vito E-Cars

Sustainability in Germany

Amazon is the first signatory of The Climate Pledge, which calls on signatories to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040—meeting the Paris Agreement 10 years early. In Germany and around the world, we are committed to sustainability because it’s a win all around—it’s good for the planet, our customers, our communities, and business.
Sustainability Highlights in Germany
  • 99+%
    Returned Products Redistributed
    Nearly all our shipped and returned products find a new recipient. We work diligently to avoid the destruction of products.
  • 100+
    Electric Delivery Vehicles
    On the road delivering packages to customers across Germany.
  • 100%
    Recyclable Packaging
    Through initiatives like our Frustration-Free Packaging program, all Amazon-shipped packaging in Germany is recyclable.
As part of the Right Now Climate Fund, Amazon has committed to its first project outside of the U.S. We are supporting The Nature Conservancy in their partnership with global cities to use nature-based solutions that reduce the effects of climate change such as extreme heat, urban flooding, and biodiversity loss. The project starts in Berlin, and the learnings will be scaled and adapted to two other German locations, and then these models will be shared across other European cities.
Der Herr der Dinge
Ralf Hastedt is CEO of Avides Media AG, a company that helps manage returns for Amazon. He receives daily deliveries from Amazon—most of these are returned goods that Amazon can no longer sell to customers. Ralf and his team of employees sort millions of products for further use at five locations in Europe. “Putting returned products back into the goods cycle is good for us, good for Amazon, good for customers, and good for the environment,” explains Ralf.
Spenden statt entsorgen
The idea behind the nonprofit organization Innatura is simple: collect surplus goods from manufacturers and traders, and pass them on to charitable organizations. Through our partnership with Innatura, Amazon has donated to more than 1,500 charities benefiting nearly 500,000 individuals and families in Germany with donations including toys, shoes, clothing, and drugstore items, among others.
  • "As Sustainability Ambassadors, we are passionate about bringing sustainability into every part of the company because sustainability is a win-win situation for everyone!"
    Jeanette Neudert and Lisa Back
    Co-Chairs, Amazon Sustainability Ambassadors - Munich, Germany
  • "We owe the breadth of Innatura’s product range to Amazon—we can offer over 1,200 different items in our current catalogue, from cordless drills to toothpaste. Without this broad assortment [from Amazon], Innatura would not be able to survive in the long term."
    Dr. Juliane Kronen
    Founder and CEO, Innatura
  • "Nobody has an interest in just throwing away merchandise. We are proud to have found ways to extend the life cycle of a product. It's good for us, good for Amazon, good for customers, and good for the environment."
    Ralf Hastedt
    CEO, Avides Media AG
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